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new york city war tax resistance—
2009 annual report

On Wednesday, April 15, New York City War Tax Resistance held its annual protest in front of the Internal Revenue Service office, 110 West 34th Street, 4:30-5:00 PM, followed by a march to the General Post Office (8th Avenue & 33rd Street) at 5:00 PM. Below is the text of our update to membership:

the year in review

With the election of the first African American to the presidency, the U.S. has an unprecedented opportunity to chart a new direction in foreign policy. While the administration of George W. Bush recedes into the past, the new administration takes up the reins of power. The whole world is watching.

There are some pronounced differences within domestic policy, particularly a willingness to listen to constituency not common among politicians. Unfortunately, as foreign policy takes shape, we see some striking similarities to the past. The war in Iraq has wound down but now, as we turn to security problems in Afghanistan and Pakistan, we face multiplie problems with increased Taliban and Al Qaeda incursions.

If we expected real change to aggressive posture in foreign policy, it seems we might be in for some deep disappointments. With Obama's appointment of a good proportion of Clintonites, and Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State, the handwriting is on the wall. Continuity is the order of the day.

The Role of Alternative Funds in Times of Crisis

Few would argue the fact that we are in a state of economic crisis. The government is clearly experimenting to find the right balance between aid to victims of Wall Street's greed and revival of that same Wall Street from its irresponsible gambling losses. Far from sufficient response to the breadth of crisis, these measures are only the beginning. The snowballing of decline demands that Congress react decisively and quickly with comprehensive and workable plans that address the problems both on Wall Street and on Main Street, to use the old political cliché. The doctrines of trickle-down economics and free market are now called to the carpet. Politicians who advocate these philosophies will increasingly be on the defensive.

Unfortunately revival of the market is absolutely necessary if the economy is to recover. But in the midst of this balancing act, what happens to alternative communities across the country? Recent years have seen declines in support to such organizations all over the United States. Certainly, we cannot expect that the government will pick up the slack and, for once, pay for something that actually helps people.

In years past, alternative Funds, such as the New York City People's Life Fund, have picked up this slack, at least to a certain extent, by supporting life-giving efforts of local community organizations. After a long hiatus of several years due simply to lack of funds, the New York City People's Life Fund will be presenting five $1,000 grants to worthy community-based programs in the New York City area. Though only a small step in the right direction, it can be considered a shining beacon of hope that on a local basis, something actually is being done that directly benefits everyday people in our community. Grantees will be announced in a ceremony in front of the IRS building. We hope to see you there.

Furthering the aims of the war tax resistance movement, particularly in times of ballooning ranks of unemployed and expansion of already-existing poverty across the country, is certainly not an easy task, but there are still ways to take the first step, and to make a difference.

While we have fought several wars in the last sixty years, Western Europe has erected a system of social benefits that makes ours look impoverished.

what can you do?

  1. Visit the New York City War Tax Resistance web site and visit the "Telephone Tax Resistance section. This form of resistance is a relatively risk-free means of resisting war, and an excellent way to begin. At the end of the year, send these resisted telephone tax moneys to the New York City People's Life Fund, which will in turn put that money to use in supporting constructive community projects.

  2. Keep in touch with upcoming events and actions at the War Resisters Leagues's local chapter actions page.

  3. Make your contribution to the work of New York City War Tax Resistance. Visit our web site to contribute to NYC WTR.